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The associates affiliated with LUCRAM are researchers within Lund University

School of Economics and Management

Hossein Asgharian, Professor, Department of Economics

Frederik Lundtofte, Associate Professor, Department of Economics


Faculty of Engineering

Per Runeson, Professor, Department of Computer Science

Martin Höst, Professor, Department of Computer Science

Sardar Muhammad Sulaman, PhD Student, Department of Computer Science

Marianne Jahre, Professor, Department of Engineering Logistics

Joakim Kembro, PhD Student, Department of Engineering Logistics

Jonas Borell, Associate Senior Lecturer, Division of Ergonomics and Aerosol Technology

Ivette Arroyo, PhD Student, Housing Development and Management

Jonas Johansson, Associate Professor, Department of Industrial Electrical Engineering and Automation

Kurt Petersen, Professor, Division of Risk Management and Societal Safety

Henrik Tehler, Professor, Division of Risk Management and Societal Safety

Marcus Abrahamsson, Head of Division, Division of Risk Management and Societal Safety

Tove Frykmer, PhD student, website responsible, Division of Risk Management and Societal Safety


Faculties of Humanities and Theology

Johannes Persson, Professor, Department of Philosophy


Faculty of Law

Lena Wahlberg, Assistant Professor, Department of Law


Faculty of Medicine

Anette Agardh, Associate Professor, Public Health, Department of Clinical Sciences, Malmö


Faculty of Science

Maj-Lena Linderson, Senior Lecturer, Department of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science

Ullrika Sahlin, Researcher, Centre for Environmental and Climate Research


Faculty of Social Sciences

Charlotte Simonsson, Assistant Professor, Department of Strategic Communication

Niklas Guldåker, Senior lecturer, Department of Human Geography and the Human Ecology Division

Christine Wamsler, Associate Professor, Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies (LUCSUS)








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