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Bachelor in Fire Protection Engineering

Fire protection engineering at university level is a relatively new discipline. There are only about 450 such engineers in Sweden, all of which have, in principle, gained their degrees from LTH/Lund University. The programme in Lund has been available since 1986. It is 3½ years long (210 credits), and includes courses in basic engineering and scientific subjects, combustion chemistry, combustion dynamics, structural engineering, risk evaluation, risk management and urban planning. The emphasis is naturally on fire protection. Many of our students take a break from their studies to gain practical experience at well-known fire safety consulting companies abroad (e.g. the USA and Australia). The programme is concluded with a degree project equivalent to 22½ credits (15 weeks). The Fire Protection Engineering programme is the only Swedish university degree providing qualifications for the fire and rescue service. The programme is unique, in both its breadth and depth, both of which provide graduates with the qualifications required to pursue successful careers.

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