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Cluster for International Disaster Studies

Cluster for International Disaster Studies (CIDS) is a multidisciplinary research cluster within LUCRAM, for advancing research and education regarding disasters and disaster risk reduction, response and recovery, with an international perspective.

To facilitate for multidisciplinary research projects and educational courses and programmes, CIDS defines international disaster studies in broad terms. CIDS encourages both descriptive and normative research covering social, political, cultural, medical, environmental, geographical, legal, economical and technical aspects of disasters and disaster management.

Individual research projects may cover specific aspects or sectors related to international disaster studies, but CIDS, as a whole, aims to advance holistic knowledge, methods and tools to support the implementation of the Hyogo Framework for Action to substantially reduce disaster losses around the world.

To do so CIDS aspires to implement the main tasks and objectives of LUCRAM within its area:

• To contribute to the long term development of competence in disaster and disaster management research and education.

• To serve as a resource for research within international disaster studies at Lund University and to facilitate inter-departmental research projects as well as projects with other universities or research institutions.

• To operate an innovative and forward-thinking research programme.

• To be a contact forum between the university departments and external organisations active in international disaster risk reduction, response and recovery.

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